Constant Wattage Heating Cable 

Users can cut this cable as wanting like self-regulating cable










In a general direct heater, if the resistance wire is disconnected regardless of the length, the entire cable does not generate heat, but the constant Wattage heating cable has a structure in which 1M direct heaters are connected in parallel.

It has the advantage of having a longer life-time than other general heating cables by continuously generating heat.


Since the heating part continuously forms a constant zone, it has a constant amount of heat regardless of the construction length or external environment.

During construction, it is possible to arbitrarily cut and use by calculating the construction section.

The product is flexible, so it is very convenient to install and the construction cost is cheaper than steam tracing.




Maintaining a constant temperature of transport pipes, mixing and maturation of various compounds, preventing freeze and freezing of industrial pipelines, and keeping various tanks and pipelines warm




Due to the nature of the constant wattage heating cable, when cutting is used, 1M does not generate heat by combining both sides of the cut part.


The first and last 50cm of the product does not generate heat.

The first end is insulated by dividing the middle by connecting lead wires on both sides, and the end is insulated as it is in the cut section.


Use SH-CH-2000S (20W/M) for pipes with low melting points such as PVC, PE, and Excel pipes.

Relatively thin pipes less than 100mm should be constructed in one line at a ratio of 1:1.

In the case of 100mm or more, depending on the construction conditions, wind it in a spiral form at a ratio of 1:1.2~1.5.

Insulating materials for high temperatures with flame retardancy are used.

Insulation with a low melting point may cause a fire.